Our Peace Partners

Oakland Peace Center “Peace Partners” are any organizations that have claimed alignment with the mission of the Oakland Peace Center and have expressed interest in deepening their connections with one another and working together to create access, opportunity and dignity for all people in the Bay Area.

Please read our shared values to understand how we function together.

Alliance of South Asians Taking Action ASATA brings together progressive South Asians in the Bay Area, with a specific focus on training up the next generation through their Bay Area Solidarity Summer program. They also offer a Berkeley Radical South Asian History Walking Tour.

Better Birth Foundation provides services to the Oakland East Bay Community services and opportunities which will reduce the infant and maternal mortality rates in our community.

Black Alliance For Just Immigration BAJI provides the African American community with a progressive analysis and framework on immigration that links the interests of African Americans with those of immigrants of color. BAJI’s analysis emphasizes the impact of racism and economic globalization on African American and immigrant communities as a basis for forging alliances across these communities.

Black Organizing Project
The Black Organizing Project is a Black member-led community organization working for racial, social, and economic justice through grassroots organizing and community-building in Oakland, CA.

boonachepresents is a small woman owned business committed to creating peace in the community through bringing together people of all beliefs and cultures serving the east bay community through transformative wellness and peace-making gatherings and contributing all profits to small grassroots organizations dedicated to creating peace through non-violence.

Bluu Speaks
Bluu Speaks, a comprehensive communications and marketing firm, brings a new energy to communication strategies by providing a thoughtful, collaborative, holistic approach. Our world is interconnected. When we work together we can realize the positive change we seek. We work with nonprofit organizations, foundations, faith communities, small and emerging businesses seeking to effect positive social change in our communities.

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)
BOSS provides comprehensive services that help homeless families and individuals move from homelessness to homes ~ with improved skills and knowledge of resources so they can stay healthy and housed.

Buddhist Church of Eternal Enlightenment
The Buddhist Church of Eternal Enlightenment was formed for exclusively religious purpose. Specifically, Buddhist Church of Eternal Enlightenment introduces and transmits the philosophies of its sect by targeting at needs of new generation of Asian Americans immigrants and addressing the newly emerged social issues and mentalities such as school/work procrastination, youth suicidal, and economic recession-related depression through in person/online religious counseling, Dharma presentations, vegetarian food tastings, Sutra discussion and a variety of other means.

California Peace Alliance, a chapter of the Peace Alliance
The Peace Alliance empowers civic engagement toward a culture of peace.

CircleUp Education is a social enterprise committed to using Restorative Practices and Approaches to support municipalities, organizations and schools in creating thriving, wholesome and equitable communities. We provide trainings, workshops, consulting, and conflict resolution solutions

Connection Action Project participates in cultural transformation through action.

EarthLight Magazine* seeks to live, communicate, and celebrate a story that vitalizes our sacred relationship with the living Earth.

East Point Peace Academy* is dedicated to bringing about a culture of peace through training, education and the practice of Nonviolence and Conflict Reconciliation, grounded in the tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, and working with incarcerated populations, youth, activists and community leaders working to bring about the Beloved Community.

  • To listen to the Hope from the Hood podcast featuring Kazu Haga and East Point Peace Academy, click HERE.

The Ella Baker Center for Human Rights advances racial and economic justice to ensure dignity and opportunity for low-income people and people of color.

Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy is a network of people of faith who support low wage and immigrant workers who are organizing for respect, dignity and living-wage jobs in the East Bay.

  • To listen to the Hope from the Hood podcast about Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy, click HERE.
  • To read the OPC reflection on Faith Alliance for a Moral Economy, click HERE.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) is composed of women and men who recognize the essential unity of all creation and have joined together to explore the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict.

First Christian Church of Oakland* nurtures tranquility and peace for all generations in a world of chaos and violence. Creating a  sense of family in a profoundly disconnected culture. Shaping opportunities to experience the Holy Spirit in our community and in the world.

First Mongolian Christian Church*
Read this article about FMCC’s contributions to peace in the community!

Growing Together was created to facilitate the growing of food and community through neighbors joining together to plant fruit trees at community centers and in the yards of homes in the SF East Bay. We see fruit trees as an instrument of peace and prosperity in our neighborhoods. We provide the fruit trees and necessary education at no cost and help in planting and long term maintenance and the residents care for the trees and share the fruit.

Impact Hub Oakland is equal parts inspiring shared working space, entrepreneurial incubator and a membership-based community of socially engaged people, co-working and co-learning. Located in the heart of one of the coolest cities in the United States (move over Brooklyn), we cultivate, support and connect purpose-driven people as they pioneer solutions for a sustainable and equitable world.

International Peace and Art Center provides an atmosphere that facilitates an agenda of peace and harmony through the arts. We offer workshops, exhibitions, performances, classes and training programs with an end goal of fostering well being and positive human interaction.

Krip-Hop Nation seeks to educate the music, media industries and general public about the talents, history, rights and marketability of Hip-Hop artists and other musicians with disabilities.

Listen to this interview with Kri-Hop Nation founder Leroy Moore.

The Mind Body Awareness Project seeks to help youth transform harmful behavior and live meaningful lives through mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness.

Mustard Seed Project provides immigration law assistance to youth who can qualify for asylum status in the United States. Mustard Seed is a project of Tapestry Ministries (see below).

  • For stories of youth who Peggy Bristol JD has helped, click HERE.

Nafsi Ya Jamii  (The Soul Community) is a sustainable urban farm, retreat and renewal center.  We are building on Oakland’s long history and strong legacy of generating movements for social change, and we recognize that the members of movements need renewal themselves.  We create spaces where people who are most negatively impacted by social injustice come together to “reimagine” themselves, their communities and the systems that create the injustice under which we live. Additionally, we recognize that all of us are cultural beings; we include deep cultural understanding and experience in all of our work, which includes healing work, study groups, learning communities, gardens, art and ceremony.

New Beginnings Sister Circle brings together young women for a six-week series to build up their self-worth and leadership skills so they can transform the community while also building up solidarity among women who are often encouraged to see each other as competition.

Niroga Instute* brings Transformative Life Skills (yoga, breathwork, meditation) to students, vulnerable youth, cancer survivors, seniors and people battling addiction. The work of Niroga directly uplifts thousands of people every week in schools, juvenile halls, homeless shelters, cancer hospitals and rehab centers.

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Oakland Leadership Center seeks out emerging leaders who are from our neighborhood in East Oakland, between the ages of 17 and 28. We give mentoring, resources and opportunities for young adult leaders to launch simple programs to serve the community, developing organizational and entrepreneurial skills in the process.

Oakland Peace Ambassadors
Watch this video for a sense of the network that is the Oakland Peace Ambassadors.

OneLife Institute* works at the intersection of spirituality and social action. Through classes, retreats, publications, events, counseling and consultation services we support and empower individuals and groups in personal healing and the creation of a more just, compassionate, and sustainable world.

Pace e Bene transforms lives and our world through nonviolence education, resources, and action.

Pastors of Oakland
Restoring, Reclaiming and Recruiting for the Shalom of the City and the unity among pastors in Oakland and the greater Bay Area.

People’s Grocery
By 2020, People’s Grocery will have significantly decreased the health disparities between West Oakland and Greater Alameda County, leveraged millions of dollars for the healthy food economy in West Oakland, and networked food justice organizations in the state of California and across the country to do the same.

POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE
Cultivating seeds of resistance is what we do at POOR Magazine…. with sweat, love, and tears…And we pick the biggest weapon   which is the love for our Gente….POOR Magazine the publication arts and education project was started in 1996 by an indigenous, landless mother and daughter who struggled with extreme poverty, incarceration and criminalization in the US. POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE, the organization, is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.

Project Darreis*
The goal of the organization is to give hope to those unable to feed or clothe themselves and to assist in curbing the violence in the community of Oakland.

Project Peace East Bay exists to create partnerships between local churches and social service providers that work together for just and sustainable communities in Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding areas.

Sacred Space (formerly Open Cathedral)*
Our primary mission is to provide spiritual companionship to homeless men and women and all who seek a non-threatening way to be with others in relationship and in community.

Seeds of Awareness* facilitates evidence-based social and emotional support programs.  We are a collaboration of psychologists, marriage and family therapist, school counselors, trainers, and counseling interns who offer therapeutic and educational services to schools and community members.

Seminary of the Street is a school for the training of love warriors working toward the transformation of their communities by embodying God’s love in the world. Students cultivate the resilience, the unsentimental awareness of oppressive systems, the skills, and the deep and sustaining relationships to respond to injustice with steadfast love and creativity.

Siren Project works towards liberating women (irrespective of their age, color, nationality, political standpoint, gender preference etc.) from the isolation created by different socio economic adversities. Sirens (we, Siren workers / volunteers) are women visionaries, artists, writers, actors, musicians, storytellers, creating a difference by giving voice and shape to stories of women in our community – stories about fear, about mental illness, about death, about abuse – bringing out our shadows to hold up our light.

SOS Juice promotes health, supports sustainable agriculture, small organic farmers and green career paths.

  • To listen to the Hope from the Hood podcast featuring AshEl Eldridge and SOS Juice, click HERE.

Soul Shoppe* supports school communities by providing interactive programs and tools that teach students powerful learning and life skills. In addition to working with students, we also support staff by creating and facilitating dynamic staff development trainings that give teachers the necessary tools to implement academic and personal growth.

Sunflower Alliance brings together individuals and organizations committed to environmental justice and the health and safety of all Bay Area communities threatened by toxic pollution and climate change.  They fight against the poisoning of our communities and the destruction of our planet, and for an equitable and sustainable economy fueled by renewable energy sources—wind, water and solar.

the Table* is a community of people interested in nurturing our spirituality through small groups, common meals, service, and a variety of events and activities. Our interest is in providing opportunities to care for our spirits, care for each other and care for our community together. If you would say you are “spiritual but not religious” then you will probably fit in well with us.

Tapestry Ministries* is a new church affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the American Baptist Churches. We strive for inclusiveness across all demographics–culture, race, sex, gender, orientation, and more–while acting as both a pastoral and prophetic voice in the Berkeley community.

United Roots (aka Youth Impact HUB) engages and empowers marginalized youth in socially innovative ways, like Arts and media training, instilling confidence and developing talents, Career and workforce development, cultivating work and business skills.

  • To listen to the Hope from the Hood podcast featuring Galen Silvestri and United Roots, click HERE.

Urban Peace Movement seeks to to transform the culture and conditions that lead to urban violence.  We build the leadership of communities hit hardest by street violence through fostering non-traditional leaders who are the key the ending this crisis.

Urban Releaf is an urban forestry non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in Oakland, California to address the needs of communities that have little to no greenery or tree canopy. We focus our efforts in under-served neighborhoods that suffer from disproportionate environmental quality of life and economic depravity.

YES! connects, inspires and collaborates with change-makers to build thriving, just and balanced ways of life for all. We primarily work with people ages 18-35, but are increasingly also working intergenerationally as well.

  • To listen to the Hope from the Hood podcast about Shilpa Jain and YES!, click HERE.
  • To read the OPC reflection on YES!, click HERE.

Young Workers United is a multi-racial and bilingual membership organization dedicated to improving the quality of jobs for young and immigrant workers.

Are you part of an organization that should be part of this collective? Contact sandhya@oaklandpeacecenter.org to explore that possibility!

Note: An asterisk * indicates the organization also houses their offices/meetings in the Oakland Peace Center facility.

We are located at 111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland, CA 94611. Our phone number is 510.451.8822. Email us at info@oaklandpeacecenter.org