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The Oakland Peace Center is gearing up for its very first fundraising campaign, and doing so with a little ambivalence.

The OPC’s primary purpose is to strengthen connections between existing organizations doing work to create a community of peace borne of justice. And since 2008, funding and grants for non-profits have grown much scarcer. We do not want to function in funding competition with the organizations we’re working to support. We also want to affirm how much people have given to help turn the dream of the Oakland Peace Center into a reality over the last five years, often without any compensation. Your involvement in the work happening with our partners and within our walls is the keystone of peace in our community.

At the same time, there are so many resources we dream of providing to in order to increase the capacity and the impact of our partners’ work, and the people who can do that work deserve (and need) to be compensated justly for that work. (After all, several of our partners actively seek to make sure all work in the Bay Area is compensated fairly so that workers can live without constant anxiety and so that workers can invest themselves in their friends and family and community.)

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