We Need US: Giving(Back)Tuesday

2018 has been an intense and sometimes traumatic year. A lot of our rights are in jeopardy. A lot of us face violence or threats of violence.

And yet…from the view from 111 Fairmount here in the heart of Oakland, we are witness to another way this world can be. We see it on a daily basis–expressions of peace born of such remarkable resilience. We see it every single day in the work of our 35+ Oakland-rooted partners. We see it in the tenacity of the people of Oakland showing up for each other time and time again. And we see it in acts of peace-making big and small.

Oaklanders are survivors. We are innovators. We are fighters for equity and justice. And we are PEACE-MAKERS.

So in the face of the violence and hate in the world right now, we want to celebrate the gifts of peace abundantly offered to the Oakland and Bay Area communities. On Tuesday, November 27 (sometimes called “Giving Tuesday”) we want to give back to you…so we’re throwing you a party. We’ll have tasty snacks, beverages, entertainment, and a chance to interact with the amazing partners of the Oakland Peace Center. Plus we want to get to hang out with you! We want to build the connections with each other that are the bedrock of peace right here at home.

If you’re looking for a way to contribute to love, peace and justice when we are surrounded by their opposites, this is a great chance to connect with really concrete ways to contribute to be part of the solution.

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