suggested language to invite your friends to donate to the Oakland Peace Center

Thanks so much for inviting a few of your friends to invest in peace this season! We are truly grateful for your willingness to go the extra mile to build the Beloved Community right there at 29th and Fairmount.

Here is a template you can consider using or adapting to your own style. Thanks for helping us reach our financial goal!


Dear friend,

You probably know how much I care about creating a world where children can grow up without being bullied and where there is peace in the streets and opportunities for all people regardless of their background. Sometimes it feels like that vision is a long way from reality.

I have caught glimpses of that vision, though, at the Oakland Peace Center. A collective of forty organizations collaborating to create peace in the Bay Area, the Oakland Peace Center is celebrating its fifth anniversary in January. With a very small budget, the OPC does three things really well: (1) It provides affordable space for nonprofits who would otherwise be displaced and space for events from teaching children peace-making skills to equipping people for the work of racial justice to providing food and clothing to neighbors in need. (2) It strengthens the relationship between nonprofit organizations so their work is amplified, more efficient and available to more people. (3) It connects people in the community to the organizations doing great work at a time people are hungry for opportunities to contribute to positive work. (In November after the election, over 400 people showed up in the pouring rain for a resource fair the OPC put on to connect people to organizations providing health care, immigration services, meditation in prisons, racial justice work, empathy training and counseling for children and more.) You can learn more about the OPC by watching this video about the power of collaboration between OPC partners or this video on how a church of ten people gave birth to an organization whose partners served 86,000 people last year.

The OPC has been given a truly amazing matching grant opportunity. If they raise $4,500 by the end of Friday, they will receive a $9,000 matching grant! That means every dollar you donate is worth three. For an organization whose annual budget is all of $70,000, that will help free up a lot of time that can go into work to end violence and create peace.

Will you help me support the work of peace in Oakland and beyond by donating generously today? You can donate online by clicking HERE, or you can mail in a check to Oakland Peace Center, 111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland, CA 94611. (If you do mail a check, please notify the OPC director Sandhya at so she knows to count it towards their Friday night goal.)

Thank you for supporting a cause that needs your support and is worthy of it. At this moment, we need peace and compassion more than ever.

With gratitude,