Reading Is Resistance! Peace Month Read-A-Thon with the Oakland Peace Center

*with profound gratitude to movement leaders Sarah and Carol Lee, who created this project for Asian-Pacific Heritage Month and allowed us to adapt it for the Oakland Peace Center! Most of this language is theirs.

black_peace_love_books_thmbThe “Reading is Resistance Read-a-thon” is an experiment that combines community, education, and fundraising.


For the month of September—connected to the International Day of Peace each year on September 21, people committed to peace and justice are engaging our current political climate with purposeful action. Sign up HERE to join! (coming soon)


We read to speak and act from a deep foundation of the historical and contemporary work for  all people’s liberation.

We read to imagine and create a more loving and just world.

We read to overcome paralysis by focusing on specific actionable opportunities.

We read to resist cultural amnesia by reading and sharing knowledge.

We read to share our stories as a deeper analysis of the work needed for shared liberation.

We read to support organizations doing critical work.

Join us!

  1. Sign up here. (participation is open throughout September)
  2. Commit to read 1–2 books grounded in peace and justice work, and use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the Oakland Peace Center.
  3. Invite your community to join you by sponsoring you to read! They’ll give directly to the organization! (They can do it through Paypal or Network for Good!)
  4. Write a one-page reflection to share with your sponsors! This gives them the extra perk of learning as you learn, while giving to a good cause.

Contact us!

For more information, contact with any questions.

  • For suggestions with fundraising, click here.
  • For book recommendations, click here.
  • To use this opportunity to build community, click here.