Niroga … not just another yoga studio

By @ 10/07/14 in Peace Partners

(This is the third in an occasional series about Oakland Peace Center partners.)

The Niroga Institute was featured in this week’s episode of Hope from the Hood: The Peaceful City Podcast.

Yoga and meditative practices have been lifted up for thousands of years for their transformative powers in people’s individual health and psychic wellbeing.

In recent years, yoga has caught on all across the country, but the primary beneficiaries are frequently people with the resources for expensive classes and expensive equipment and expensive clothes.

The Niroga Institute, on the other hands, brings mindfulness into schools and juvenile halls and communities far too frequently ignored, providing access to ancient practices in communities who need and deserve the transforming power of yoga and meditation. Niroga addresses trauma in individuals, in caretakers, and in communities, and creates healing and wholeness for all three.

Niroga was one of the very first organizations to move into the Oakland Peace Center in order to intentionally share space with other organizations who share their vision for social justice and peace in every community. To learn more about Niroga, listen to the podcast interview with staff member Angela Urata.



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