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Saturday, September 22

In a time of disruption, injustice and violence, we could all use some more tools for both inner peace and community peace. The good news is there isn’t only one way to create peace; there are Many Paths to Peace! In honor of International Day of Peace, OPC invites you to experience some of the many ways we can create peace in our lives and in our communities through food, meditation, activism, creativity and more. For a description of the sessions and workshops, visit http://oaklandpeacecenter.org/paths.

We also invite you to attend the opening of our new art exhibit titled Insider|Outsider: Visionary Art By, For, and About the Incarcerated and formerly Incarcerated in Shelton Hall. More information at http://oaklandpeacecenter.org/insideroutsider

Indeed, there are many paths to peace. Let’s explore them together!

Schedule of Workshops

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Session One – 1:00-2:30

There is no Peace without Food – Fellowship Workshop

Facilitator: Wanda Blake

Location: The Chapel

Description: How did Dick Gregory practice Food Peace – “he went without food”. Join Chef Wanda in a fellowship workshop discussion on the ways we can support Peace throughout our food ways. Is anyone hungry? Visualize you have just finish a meal that was so good you felt an enter peace – your peace came from the food, the people who joined you in the meal, and the event that joined you all together. Food Peace – you have the ability to choose what, when and where you eat. The amount of organization in this country advocating food justice and equality gives evidence to our lack of Food Peace.

Bio: Chef Wanda Blake’s family roots are from Arkansas, Louisiana and California. She grew up in San Francisco and had the pleasure of eating in kitchens with roots from Texas, New Orleans, Philippines, and New Mexico. Surrounded by Sunday Cooks, Church Lady Desserts, Bar-b-que Men smoking meat with wood, and women that wore aprons in the kitchen – Wanda’s base for cooking and fellowship was formed. Wanda’s Cooking is a project formed back in 2015 as a cooking space for Chef Wanda to share and express her passion of food and culture with guest in a direct and personal way. It began as an intimate series of curated pop ups restaurant experiences. It gave Wanda an opportunity to take people on a food adventure, and re-introduce dining traditions with updated flair. Pop-up Themes included –Sunday Supper (Grandma’s house on Sunday), Wanda’s Cooking loves New Orleans (Valentine weekend), Black Eye Pea Festival – Oakland and Gumbo Trinity.

Ayurveda for Self-Care

Facilitator: Katharina Rock 

Location: The Narthex

Description: In Ayurveda our body and mind are at optimal health when we work in harmony with the rhythms of nature. In this session we will discuss the basic Ayurveda principles and the recommended daily routines for self-care and their benefits: circadian rhythms, Abhyanga (Daily Self Massage), tongue scraping, neti, nasya and harmonious eating.

Bio: Katharina Rock is a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor and consults clients on individualized lifestyle, diet and herbal therapies in Oakland, CA. She was working for 20 years in a global software company when she started looking for a more holistic way to manage her own health and disposition as well as those of the people she worked with. In 2009 she started studying Ayurveda and graduated from the California College of Ayurveda in Nevada City, CA.

Writing Our Way Home: Anti-Displacement Writing Workshop

Facilitator: Marvin K. White

Location: Sanctuary

Description: How do our stories and our storytelling help us to do the work of Narrative and Creative Placemaking? How do our stories create deeper roots in the soils we build our home, our loves and lives on? Join OPC’s Artivist-In-Residence for the “Hands-On” and “Pencils-On” creative writing workshop, where participants who have experienced various forms of loss, can “Write Their Way Home.”

Bio: Marvin K. White, MDiv, is currently the Artivist in Residence and part of the Arts Program Team at the Oakland Peace Center. He was the Public Theologian in Residence (’17-’18) at First Church Berkeley and a recent Yerba Buena Center for the Arts “Equity” Fellow (’16-’17). He is the author of four collections of poetry: Our Name Be Witness; Status; and the two Lammy-nominated collections last rights and nothin’ ugly fly. He is articulating a vision of social, prophetic and creative justice through his work as a poet, artist, teacher, collaborator, preacher, cake baker, and Facebook Statustician.

Session Two – 3:00-4:30

Mindful Movement

Facilitators: KC Cavanaugh, Ricardo Corona

Location: the Chapel

Description: Cultivate peace within to support to peace and unity throughout the world. Join Niroga Institute Integral Health Fellows in observing the International Day of Peace with a simple, unifying practice that integrates mindful movement, breath, and centering. With each breath and each movement, build resilience and self-awareness, enabling individual and community transformation. Imagine the power, the potential, the possibility in each ripple of mindful action.


I am a recent graduate of the Niroga 200 hour teacher training program and have been practicing yoga for 11 years. Yoga has helped me in many ways, posture awareness, observation of thought  patterns, and physical strength, but my favorite and least expected way in which yoga has helped is the gentle reminder it gives me is to meet myself where I’m at in the moment.

Ricardo is a graduate of the Niroga Institute’s Yoga Teacher Training program. He is versed in teaching dynamic and accessible poses using concrete language focused on connecting breath and thoughts, in a circular manner. Ricardo is Board Member and Treasurer at Propsera, a non-profit that works with Latinas in developing co-op businesses. He is also working on building out Asana Club, a non-profit that is working with high school student-leaders who want to structure and lead yoga clubs in their schools.

Capturing the Peace in the Movement: An Oakland Peace Center Photography Workshop

Facilitator: Clidell “Franceyez” Jackson

Location: TBD/Throughout Building

Description: In this hands-on and real-time creative and movement centered workshop, participants will be led in an examination of what it means to capture energy, action and movement through digital photography. How do you tell the story as it moves at protest pace, at peace pace, at gentrification pace, and at love’s pace. Participants in this exciting workshop, will also have an opportunity to select and and edit their favorite photos in Adobe Photoshop.

Bio: Clidell “Franceyez” Jackson is an avid green jobs advocate, athlete, artist and activist. Jackson is the Chairman and CEO of AMG7 Entertainment and Green Team Leader of Green Carpet Clean LLC. As a youth he co-founded and facilitated the eco-justice, hip-hop and digital arts based United Roots Center in Oakland, Ca. At the age of 18 he became a international basketball star touring professionally; later he created the fashion lines AMG7, Moment Of Truth and Straight Independent. He has worked with PIC, Youth Radio, Green For All, NASA, the Port Of Oakland, the Golden State Warriors, Community Grows SF and countless others. He knows the heart of this work as well as the logistics and seeks to build power through peace.

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Facilitator: Jason Gant (Seeds of Awareness)

Location: the Narthex

DescriptionThe inner critic diminishes peace by drowning out accomplishments, leaving people depressed, overwhelmed, and stressed out. How can this inner critic be managed in a way where accomplishments and dearest values are illuminated? With a mindful lens, we will plant the Seeds of awareness by searching inside yourself to develop a different relationship with the inner critic. In this workshop we will introduce mindfulness and participants will;

– Grow Self Awareness

– Develop Compassion and Empathy

– Cultivate Inner Peace

By developing these skills participants will have the power to lead with compassion entering into their communities and navigating the complexities of our society today. Mindfulness for Inner and Community Peace.

Bio:Jason Gant is a Mindful Educator with Seeds of Awareness and a SIY Certified Facilitator. With over 10 years of experience developing boys into men, Jason provides mental skills training to students, athletes and collegiate teams supporting them in creating and sustaining healthy lifestyles. A learning designer and experience curator, Jason’s philosophy promotes and supports healthy and inclusive communities, workplaces, and teams.

Jason has worked with incarcerated & transitional aged youth, neurodivergent individuals, men and athletes to improve mental focus, clarity and overall wellness in an effort to attain peak mental and physical health.