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We have an amazing interim facilities coordinator…but that’s the thing: he’s interim. His time with us is coming to a close and we’re looking for someone else passionate about working with justice-focused nonprofits and managing a beautiful and historic building. Preference will be given to those who apply before May 24.

Oakland Peace Center Facilities Coordinator

 Job Description

The Oakland Peace Center is a community of artists, activists, cultural workers, educators and non-profits collaborating to bring about a city of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion. The Oakland Peace Center, in conjunction with First Christian Church of Oakland, provides needed space, hosts collaborative events and trainings, and creates a network of emotional and spiritual support for the 25+ organizations who partner in its work. These organizations pursue access, opportunity, justice, and inner peace throughout the Bay Area, each in their own way. They can turn to the Oakland Peace Center to fortify and amplify these efforts through solidarity and cross-pollination.

The OPC inspires these organizations to participate in a vision larger than that of any individual or member organization.


The facilities coordinator at the Oakland Peace Center is actually an employee of First Christian Church of Oakland (the owner of the 40,000 building which the Oakland Peace Center co-manages), and the facilities coordinator is hired by First Christian Church of Oakland’s Trustees.

The facilities coordinator’s job involves the following:

  • Supporting the Trustees in managing the building’s transition and upcoming renovations.
  • Addressing building needs by In-House partners (in conversation with FCC Oakland trustees) and, in partnership with OPC director, designing building improvement projects for youth groups who visit during the spring and summer for the Urban Peace Work Trip program.
  • Coordinating occasional building rentals by Partners at Large (OPC partners without office space in the building) and other interested renters.
  • Occasionally bringing together In-House partners for input about building issues (particularly security issues, in conversation with FCC Oakland trustees and OPC director).
  • Coordinating building improvements by volunteer groups (in conversation with FCC Oakland trustees and OPC director).
  • Working with In-House partners and FCC Oakland on annual county request for proof of nonprofit status from all In-House partners.
  • Maintenance of the grounds/parking lot, including outsourced lawn care services.
  • Maintenance of the public spaces in the interior, including management of outsourced janitorial services.
  • General building security, including outsourced security as needed and interaction with Neighborhood Services/OPD.
  • Monthly written report to the Trustees of progress with ongoing issues, new developments.


This job is 20 hours a week at $1300/month with vacation and sick time. Ideally the job is to be fulfilled on site 3 days a week in five hour shifts. Days and times can be negotiated. Immediate supervision will be provided by the director of the Oakland Peace Center.


To apply, please email sandhya@oaklandpeacecenter.org with a cover letter expressing your interest in the position and why the Oakland Peace Center’s mission interests you, along with a resume that demonstrates your organizational, building management or problem solving skills. Experience working with people of diverse cultures, orientations and backgrounds is also critical. Candidates will be given consideration based on the speed with which they apply, with particular preference going to candidates who apply before May 24, 2016.



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