Ten Days Redux–all the event links for Ten Days are here!

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The first night of Ten Days of Peace moved me in ways I wasn’t expecting. The speaker was profound and a room of people I know because of their commitment to ending violence in the city of Oakland and the Bay Area found themselves connected and committed to the people of Iran in ways I just didn’t see coming. I hope that all ten days of peace connect us viscerally, deeply and joyfully to each other and to our true selves as we seek to end violence. Here is a summary of the whole schedule–please come, please bring friends, and help us make this an irresistible movement.
The whole collection of the Oakland Peace Center’s Ten Days of Peace (including meaningful programs on the 22nd and 23rd) can be found at:
Here’s each day–please share the ones most germaine to you with your network! Thanks so much–every event deserves good turnout, and you really can make a HUGE impact on that turnout!!!
September 11, 6 PM: Zahra’s Paradise. AMAZING author talk. Co-sponsored by Faith Voices for the Common Good. http://oaklandpeacecenter.org/news/zahras-paradise-day-one-of-ten-days-of-peace

September 12, 7 PM: Yoga with Niroga Institute.Yoga for inner peace and community transformation!

September 13: TWO events:
September 13, 6:30 PM: Gift Circle with the Connection Action Project–a simple practice to reclaim community and build a new economy.
September 13, 7 PM: The faith community and justice for Alan Blueford–learn from Alan’s family and attorney about his murder this past May by police.
September 14, 6 PM: Peace in the Time of Climate Change
September 15: East Bay Housing Organizations’ Picnic at Lake Temescal Park
September 16: Concert for Peace (in partnership with YES!)
September 17: Truth Telling and Ending Urban Violence (in partnership with the Violence Prevention Initiative)
September 18: “The Interrupters” screening and panel on restorative justice (in partnership with RJOY)
September 19: Yoga with Niroga Institute.Yoga for inner peace and community transformation!

September 20: An evening on Kingian Nonviolence with Bernard Lafayette
September 21: International Day of Peace: TWO opportunities!
Think global, act local: a Do-It-Yourself Day of Peace: http://www.facebook.com/events/479703635386775/
An evening with civil rights legend Bob Moses: http://www.facebook.com/events/398030436918588/


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