Reading As Resistance Readathon!

By @ 07/28/17 in News

Some folks really enjoyed the Color Run that about a dozen Oakland Peace Center supporters ran in back in May. But not all of us enjoy running! Here’s another marathon you can join in on to support the Oakland Peace Center, and give your brain and heart some exercise in the process! by the Reading as Resistance Readathon that Bay Area activists Sarah and Carol Lee organized for Asian Pacific Heritage Month this past May, we asked if we could borrow the model and they said yes! Grateful for your support, Carol and Sarah!

All you have to do to participate is choose a book about peace and justice, and get your friends to support your reading of it during the month of September. You might have done something like this in school, but this time you only have to make it through one book, or maybe two! We’ll suggest a few that have really made a difference in the way we at the Oakland Peace Center see our work taking shape, and you might have ones to suggest as well!

For more information, check out the page HERE! Happy reading!

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  1. Karen Barrett

    The Third Reconstruction by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II.

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