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By @ 11/15/17 in News

giving tuesday

Hey, friends! We’ve been given a great opportunity to double our donations on Giving Tuesday via Facebook (plus no fees charged on any donations given that way that day). We really need your help, and we need it as early in the morning as possible. (We learned last year that east coast nonprofits got most of the money because you can start raising money at 8am eastern…which is 5am pacific…and the matching funds from the Gates Foundation ran out at around 11 am.)

If you’re willing, set up a Facebook fundraiser for us on Monday night 11/26 or Tuesday morning 11/27, and let people know why peace matters to you, why nonprofit anti-displacement matters to you, or why cultivating greater partnership between nonprofits matters to you and encourage people to donate to our work, a testimony to love and compassion and inclusion that builds a foundation for a different community and country than the one our national leadership seeks to establish, a legacy of love for our children to inherit. You’re welcome to include the link to our video if it helps.

90% of people give to charity when family asks, and 65% when friends ask, but only 9% when the organization asks. So we always needed you in order to build Beloved Community, but we really need you on Giving Tuesday!

Here’s how to set up that fundraiser on facebook:

  1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed (towards the bottom of that left column)
  2. Click Raise Money
  3. Select Nonprofit/Charity.
  4. Select Oakland Peace Center, choose a cover photo (feel free to steal the one OPC intern Tia designed at the top of this blog post) and fill in the fundraiser details.
  5. Click Create.

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to contact And let Tia know if you can do this so they can send a helpful reminder and also support you that day.

Thanks again for being a phenomenal peacemaker.


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