Don’t miss a truly phenomenal OPC anniversary ALL WEEKEND!!!!

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There are no words for how excited we are about our upcoming 3rd anniversary celebration! Between 10AM on January 17 and 7PM on January 18, you can experience:

  • A tree planting for racial justice, thanks to Growing Together
  • PHENOMENAL workshops during our teach-in
  • A screening of the documentary FIXED, followed by a panel on the intersection of civil rights and disability justice
  • A world cafe thanks to YES!
  • A concert for Peace
  • Materials from our many peace partners

(Here’s the facebook invitation to the whole weekend.)

We know. We’re blown away, too! The only thing is missing is…well, you! (And all of your friends.)

Please spread the word as widely as humanly possible. We’d hate to throw such a great party for peace and not have anyone enjoy it!

Help us get out the word about the whole weekend with the description (and facebook invite) above.

If you’d rather invite people to specific parts, here’s info about each component:

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 10AM – 4:30PM Teach-in for Peace and Justice

At 10AM, join us for a tree planting and ritual organized by Growing Together. We will plant fruit trees in front of the Oakland Peace Center and share in a ritual recognizing the hard work of planting the seeds of racial justice and the fruit that our collective work will bear. At this moment, in this place, join us for a ritual of healing and of commitment.

Then, from 11AM – 4:30PM, enjoy workshops on:

  • Responding to who we are in times of stress so we can be our best selves
  • Spiritual practices to tap into our power
  • Ending mass incarceration
  • Yoga
  • Sustaining the Soul of Activism
  • Food justice and culture
  • Restorative justice practices
  • the radical but simple practice of Giving Circles

11AM Workshop on Learning Who We Are in Times of Conflict: Zones and the Compass of Reactions: “Conflict has the potential to lead to breakdowns or to breakthroughs. Part of what makes the difference is who each one of us is in the conflict. This workshop helps to identify some of the core reactions each of us has in a reaction, as greater awareness of ourselves and others can make a big difference in building the world we want to see.” Profound thanks to Shilpa and YES! for this workshop!!!

12:30PM: Lunch: SOUL FOOD BOWLS for sale from Jocelyn Jackson (who will also provide a great workshop later in the day). YUM!!!!!! (requested donation $5)

1PM Workshop on Mass Incarceration: Today’s Movement for Black Lives; Ending Mass Criminalization: “The movement for Black Lives has brought to light deeply rooted racism within U.S. social structures and society. This movement has called for an immediate end to the state sanctioned war on black communities as we move into 2015; the year of resistance. We believe that it takes all hands on deck to organize a multiracial, multinational movement for social and economic justice for all. This workshop will explore the conditions and causes of today’s struggle, the Black Alliance for Just Immigration’s theory of social change, and strategies for resistance.” (Thanks to Devonte Jackson with Black Alliance for Just Immigration for this workshop!)

1PM Workshop on Yoga: “Dynamic Mindfulness:  A Yoga Practice for Personal Sustainability.” (Thanks, Niroga Institute, for your longtime partnership with the OPC.)

1PM Workshop on Sustaining Activism: Sustaining the Soul of Activism (and Activists). How do we stay centered, motivated, and inspired in the midst of the struggle for justice and social change? Is burnout unavoidable? Can we transform the culture of activism to truly benefit the common good? Where are the resources for support? (Deep gratitude to Liza Rankow and OneLife Institute for this workshop!)

2:30PM Workshop on Gift Circles (Please note: This workshop was the hit of our launch in 2012, so we’re THRILLED Judith was willing to offer it again!): “In this workshop we will explore and practice gift circles — a special economic model. If you wish to participate please come prepared with an object, set of skills, or a commitment to offer others. Please also think in advance about what you would like to receive. In the past people have given and received things like food items, furniture, massages, swim lessons, coaching sessions, and manicures. Participants will share their names and contact information for follow ups with other gift circle members.”

2:30 Restorative Justice Workshop: “Title: Cultivating Cohesive Communities Using Restorative Practices. Description: In this introductory workshop you will learn about Restorative Practices and how to cultivate safe and inclusive spaces in your community! Facilitators:
Tiffany Hoang and Tyrone Botelho, CircleUp Education” (Note: CircleUp is our newest partner, doing great work!)

2:30 FOOD JUSTICE AND CULTURE Workshop: “An interactive dialogue that will look at nourishing the body by reconnecting to food as a source of creativity, liberation, and relationship to place.” (Thanks so much toJocelyn Jackson!)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 17, 5PM – 7PM Documentary and panel on civil rights and disability justice

Award-winning documentary Fixed: The Science/Fiction of Human Enhancement will get you thinking about the science of human enhancement but also about issues of access and identity and justice. Come to watch what is likely to be the final Bay Area screening of Fixed and stay for a compelling panel on the intersections of civil rights and disability justice.

-Leroy Moore, founder of Krip Hop Nation (renowned artist, writer, and collaborative leader with Sins Invalid)

-Alice Wong, National Council on Disabilities (and the Disability Visibility Project)

-Jessica Lehman, director of Senior and Disability Action in San Francisco (whose work is particularly focused on issues of gentrification in the city)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 3PM – 4:30PM OPC World Cafe

Calling all changemakers in the Oakland Peace Center network! As the Oakland Peace Center celebrates its third anniversary, we realized how valuable it would be to bring together our partners for greater sharing and collaboration. Thanks to our amazing partner YES!, we are hosting a World Cafe to deepen our relationships with each other, see how our work complements one another, and co-create a shared vision for peace and justice in Oakland and beyond. We invite you to experience a powerful, engaging process of connection and co-learning. The World Cafe is a tool that has been used all over the world to host conversations that matter and get us closer to the world we want to see. Join us!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 5PM – 7PM Concert for Peace

The grand finale to the Oakland Peace Center 3rd anniversary Community Celebration, this family-friendly concert will include hip hop, klezmer, folk, spoken word, storytelling and more, all to build up a community of peace and sustained by beauty!

Confirmed artists:
Josh Healey
Ted Adkins
ghost note ensemble
Jocelyn Kay Jackson
Lionesha Hamilton
Yani Davis
Patricia Contreras Flores
Lila Nelson

And emcees (and hip hop artists and peacemakers) LaDasha Diamond Berry and Franceyez Jackson!


Aren’t you looking forward to MLK weekend now?


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