Days 2 and 9 of Ten Days of Peace: Yoga: Community Peace Through Inner Peace

By @ 09/04/12 in News

Community yoga with Niroga Institute.

September 12 and 19, 7 PM, at the Oakland Peace Center (111 Fairmount Ave.)

The Oakland Peace Center is about access, opportunity, and dignity as a means to peace, and we also know that inner peace is powerful for the individual and for the community. The Niroga Institute’s slogan is “Yoga, Self-Control and Social Transformation,” because they recognize the gift of inner peace is so often a hard-to-reach goal for those of us without financial means, and our communities would benefit most from easy access to the path to inner peace.

Watch this video to learn how yoga is transforming communities like Oakland and Richmond, and consider showing up and experiencing it for yourself: Yoga, Self-Control and Social Transformation.



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