Day Four of Ten Days of Peace: Peace in the Time of Climate Change

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September 14, 2012, 6:30 PM: Workshop: Peace in the Time of Climate Change with author and activist Floyd Earl Smith. We’ll discuss challenges and opportunities for peace and connection in a warming and environmentally stressed world.

Floyd is author of Runaway and Green Computing, and he’s active locally in Transition Towns and the Connection Action Project.
So often, poor communities express frustration that conversations about climate change seem so removed from their day-to-day realities and environmental justice issues like higher asthma and cancer rates in poor communities due to higher exposure to toxins in the air and soil. In the Bay Area, many poor communities find themselves in lowland areas, often near water. Global climate change is already in many ways and is soon to be an even greater stressor in the lives of poor people in our communities. At the same time, climate change will affect all people–it is an issue everyone needs to engage. As people begin to predict access to clean water as the next battleground issue dividing rich and poor people (as clean water becomes harder to access and people will need money to be able to afford that limited resource), it is clear how the issue of climate change can intersect with the Oakland Peace Center’s core purpose of uniting people and organizations to create access, opportunity and dignity for all in Oakland and the Bay Area. Where is the good news to be found, and the uniting news, in the midst of a sometimes alarming and divisive crisis? We are fortunate to be led through this conversation by Floyd Earl Smith, author of Runaway. Prepare to reflect, wrestle, and be inspired.


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