Day eight of Ten Days of Peace: The Interrupters and a conversation about restorative justice

By @ 09/04/12 in News

September 18, 6:30 PM in partnership with RJOY (Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth): A screening of the documentary The Interrupters, about people who seek to stop violent flare-ups in their neighborhood before they start–people who used to help create violence in those same communities. The film will be followed by a panel conversation about the restorative justice movement.

RJOY’s work is groundbreaking and is a major key to creating an Oakland and Bay Area of peace and dignity for all. If you don’t know about restorative justice or are skeptical, come here practitioners and youth speak about how it is working for them. Or just come for the film to witness three powerful people who used to deal and gangbang in Chicago’s south side who are now claiming their roles as peacemakers in the same neighborhoods.


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