Court of Women on Poverty

By @ 05/12/12 in News

This is a really big weekend at the Oakland Peace Center. I’ve spent some time over this weekend and will spend more time at the World Court of Women on Poverty in the US, serving as a juror.

The Oakland Peace Center’s partners are committed to creating access, opportunity and dignity for all people in Oakland and the Bay Area. There have been 37 World Courts of Women on Poverty around the world since their founding in the late 1990s, and this is the first in the US–right in the middle of the Laney College campus in Oakland! What’s really happening is women (and men) sharing stories of struggles and successes in addressing the impact of the current economy on poor people (particularly women). And it’s in the sharing, the collaborative discussions, that big, bold solutions are beginning to emerge. It’s pretty inspiring stuff!

At the same time, the Oakland Peace Center is hosting a forum on sex trafficking in Oakland with a really powerful set of speakers from social service, law and media perspectives, all of whom work with young women who have been pulled into underage sex work, particularly along International Blvd. in Oakland. The intersection of these two events, both of which we support, serve as a powerful reminder that it takes all of us to break the cycle of violence towards women (including economic violence), but that we truly have the capacity to transform a culture of violence into a culture of dignity, access and opportunity. And it can start now.




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