Supporting the next phase of the OPC

By @ 12/30/14 in News

[NOTE: PLEASE don’t miss our third anniversary celebration January 17-18, 2015. Click HERE for the Facebook invitation and details.]

Our first-ever fundraising campaign is underway, and it’s going great! Thanks to 60 generous supporters so far, the Oakland Peace Center is well over halfway to its $20,000 goal!

We waited 3 years before seeking out financial support. We wanted to prove that we were worth investing in.

In those three years we’ve hosted countless events and provided the opportunity for peacemakers to connect with each other and strengthen each other’s work.

We’ve worked hard to amplify the voices and work of amazing peacemakers in our midst.

We’ve provided low-cost office and event space for 40 different organizations.

In order to take our work to the next level, to help our partner organizations move to the next level, we’re asking for your financial support.

We think the work is needed, and we think we do it well (and really cheap).

If you believe in strengthening the peacemakers so that we can create peace for real in the Bay Area, give today.




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