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September 14, 2012, 6:30 PM: Workshop: Peace in the Time of Climate Change with author and activist Floyd Earl Smith. We’ll discuss challenges and opportunities for peace and connection in a warming and environmentally stressed world.

Floyd is author of Runaway and Green Computing, and he’s active locally in Transition Towns and the Connection Action Project.

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First the where and when, followed by the why:

6:30 PM  Gift Circle organized by the Connection Action Project (Shelton Hall): The gift circle workshop is for people experiencing transition on the personal, social or economic level, and who are interested in exploring alternative models of interaction and transaction. We will practice new ways to give to and receive from one another with the intention to have a felt experience of healing and communication that can map onto all our relationships, our work and our finances. Bring a material offering, a passion, or a talent to share, and/or a situation where you are blocked and could use support.

7:00 PM Oakland’s Faith Community Responds to Alan Blueford’s Murder by Police (Fellowship Hall): Alan Blueford, high school senior about to graduate from Skyline High School in Oakland, was gunned down fatally by police on May 6. Come to this meeting with the Blueford family to pray, act, and strategize to make sure that what happened to Alan will not happen to anyone else. In partnership with the Interfaith Tent at Oakland.


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Community yoga with Niroga Institute.

September 12 and 19, 7 PM, at the Oakland Peace Center (111 Fairmount Ave.)

The Oakland Peace Center is about access, opportunity, and dignity as a means to peace, and we also know that inner peace is powerful for the individual and for the community. The Niroga Institute’s slogan is “Yoga, Self-Control and Social Transformation,” because they recognize the gift of inner peace is so often a hard-to-reach goal for those of us without financial means, and our communities would benefit most from easy access to the path to inner peace.

Watch this video to learn how yoga is transforming communities like Oakland and Richmond, and consider showing up and experiencing it for yourself: Yoga, Self-Control and Social Transformation.


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Each Ten Days of Peace blog post will begin with information, followed by reflection.

Meet the Author of Zahra’s Paradise! Connect our local struggle for peace and justice with the struggle in Iran.

September 11, 2012, 6 PM, The Oakland Peace Center (111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland, CA 94607)

To honor “Axis of Friendship Day,” and in partnership with Faith Voices for the Common Good, the Oakland Peace Center is hosting a conversation with the author of Zahra’s Paradise, to recognize our connection to peace and justice work around the world.

Set in the aftermath of Iran’s fraudulent elections of 2009, Zahra’s Paradise is the fictional story of the search for Mehdi, a young protestor who has disappeared in the Islamic Republic’s gulags. Mehdi has vanished in an extrajudicial twilight zone where habeas corpus is suspended. What stops his memory from being obliterated is not the law. It is the grit and guts of a mother who refuses to surrender her son to fate and the tenacity of a brother—a blogger—who fuses culture and technology to explore and explode absence: the void in which Mehdi has vanished.

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