Why we exist

Abuse.  Injustice.  Poverty.
Ends With Us.

Who are we?

We believe that together we can create the peace we seek. Together we can put an end to violence, hatred and injustice. We are a collaborative community of artists, activists,cultural workers, educators and nonprofits. Together we work to bring about a community of hope, justice, nonviolence and compassion.

What do we do?

The Oakland Peace Center provides needed space, hosts collaborative events and trainings, and creates a network of emotional and spiritual support for the organizations who partner with us.

 Who are our Partners in this work?

Educators, Advocates, Social Change-Makers, Spiritual Activists, Justice Seekers,  Empowered Youth, Prophetic Artists,  Inspired Musicians, who pursue access, opportunity, justice, and inner peace throughout the Bay Area each in their own way. Check out our partners. 

Where do we work?

We have the privilege of offering our partners and the community a beautiful, expansive building to host events, offices and gatherings. Our facility (111 Fairmont Ave) is in our beloved city, Oakland.

While the Oakland Peace Center facility is located in the city of Oakland our work and the work of our partners seeks to create peace in the larger Bay Area community.

We are located at 111 Fairmount Ave., Oakland, CA 94611. Our phone number is 510.451.8822. Email us at info@oaklandpeacecenter.org